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Project DescriptionSectorEnd UserCountryMain Contractor
KWIDF – Kuwait Integrated Digital Field, Sabriyah Oil Field Pilot Project GC – 23 North Kuwait - Completed Site Assessment Phase & Detailed Design Engineering Phase.Oil & GasKOCKuwaitHalliburton Overseas Ltd
Installation & Commissioning of Field Instrumentation & RTU panel in Magwa Manifold for KOC Gas Transmission Pipe Line From Magwa to Shuwaikh Power Station.Oil & GasKOCKuwaitAl Khadda Intl Co. / Necon Controls Co.
Installation and Commissioning of power system for Flow Meter from Control panel - Asia’s Largest Capacity Mud Plant in North Kuwait.Oil & GasKOCKuwaitHalliburton Overseas Ltd
Installation & Commissioning of Multi Variable Transmitter and Flow Computer in Mobile Multi Phase Flow Meter Trial Test in GC-22, East Kuwait.Oil & GasKOCKuwaitNecon Controls Co.
Installation & Commissioning of Impulse Line in Mobile Test Separator – Well Testing Services.Oil & GasKOCKuwaitGulf Drilling Maintenance Co.
In house & Onsite Calibration of Rig Instruments. Oil & GasKOCKuwaitKuwait Drilling Company
Provision For Installation of Red Eye 2G Water cut meter trial test in GC – 09, East Kuwait.Oil & GasKOCKuwaitWeatherford
In house Calibration & Testing of Oil Field Instruments.Oil & GasKOCKuwaitAl Julaiah Petroleum Services
In house & Onsite Calibration of Drilling Instruments.Oil & GasKOCKuwaitBurgan Drilling Company
On site Calibration & Testing of Field Instrumentation in Shuaiba Refinery.Oil & GasKNPCKuwaitNecon Controls Co.